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City of Casey

Casey Basketball helping Open Doors

August 8, 2018

Casey Basketball recently held a number of fundraising initiatives to raise funds for help those in the local community.  Funds raised have been donated to the YMCA Open Doors Program which is an initiative that provides access to YMCA programs and services for those in need.

Casey Basketball raised a total of $992 which will directly benefit those in City of Casey experiencing disadvantage.  The fundraising efforts come on the back of a partnership between Casey Basketball and the YMCA.  Casey Basketball General Manager Tammy Bower said, “Our Association embraces worthy causes, and are proud to support the YMCA Open Doors Program. We see firsthand the benefits this program has made in the local community, and look forward to future opportunities to work together”.

In the last 12 months the YMCA Open Doors program has raised $9,514, with this funding used to help those experiencing financial difficulty access YMCA services.  YMCA Community Engagement Coordinator Tori Norris thanked Casey Basketball saying, “We really value their support of the Open Doors program and look forward to using these funds to help the local community”.

For more information on the YMCA Open Doors program visit www.caseystadium.ymca.org.au or email opendoors.casey@ymca.org.au.

L-R: Ian Jenkins (Stadium Centre Manager), Tori Norris (YMCA),  Ashlea Feldman (Casey Basketball), Tammy Bower (Casey Basketball), Ashley Szalek (Casey Basketball)

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