City of Casey


Australian Levels Program

The Australian Levels Program (ALP) is the national stream for competitive gymnastics which focuses on high quality technique and presentation. The beginning levels of the ALP program are based off the compulsory routines and skills set by Gymnastics Australia, as gymnasts progress they will move into the optional level program which is influenced by the guidelines set out by the governing body.

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) focuses on 4 apparatus which are vault, bars, beam and floor.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) focusses on 6 apparatus which are floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar.

Gymnasts will be required to attend a number of competitions throughout the year as a part of their commitment to the program.

Gymnasts who have excelled in our Development program may have the opportunity to move into our ALP program, this is by invitation only.


GymStar is a recreational based competitive program. This program requires less commitment from the gymnasts than the ALP program.

Gymnasts will still have the opportunity to develop their gymnastics skills and grow as a competitive gymnasts, however there are less compulsory skills set in place, giving gymnasts the opportunity to have more freedom with the skills they learn and the routines they put together.

GymStar gymnasts will still be required to attend competitions throughout the year, however these competitions will be more focused on participation and teamwork, as well as individual and team achievements and skill development.

Gymnasts who have excelled in our GymSkills Intermediate or Advanced programs may have the opportunity to move into our GymStar program, this is by invitation only.

GymStar Challenge

GymStar challenge is a 2 hour class per week and will continue to build on the skills they have developed as part of our recreational and Intermediate program.

This program allows gymnasts to develop the fundamental key skills and body shapes, build strength, increase flexibility, and develop body control and spatial awareness. The program enables gymnasts to advance to a higher skill level in a fun and relaxed environment. The program also works to create a willingness to learn while introducing competition etiquette and respect for the sport and those involved at all levels.

GymStar Challenge gymnasts will be given the opportunity to compete both internally and externally, however this is not compulsory.

Gymnasts who have excelled in our GymSkills Intermediate and GymSkills Advanced classes may have the opportunity to move into the GymStar Challenge program

These programs are available by invitation only. For enquiries please submit a gymnastics enquiry form.