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In March, we are offering members the exciting opportunity to trial MyZone belts for 30 days and see how they can change your fitness workout for good!

MYZONE is an easy-to-use monitoring system that measures heart rate, calories burned and effort in real-time. With the MYZONE platform, physical activity, both inside and outside of a club, is wirelessly uploaded to a cloud account where the user, a trainer or club owner can access anywhere in the world. The MYZONE systems serves as a virtual trainer but also gives friends, family, trainers and others “the ability to follow our progress, challenge us, tease us, and encourage as they’re able to see if we’re putting in real effort or just barely breaking a sweat each time we work out. For those that need a little extra help to stay the course during their sweat session or to achieve their fitness goals, the social aspects of MYZONE can provide that next level of accountability to help them cross the finish line

If you’ve been interested in a MyZone belt but haven’t been willing to take the jump – now is your opportunity! Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre is offering members a 30-day commitment free MyZone Trial where you get to work with a trainer and experience all the benefits of MyZone without having to commit! If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, we will also offer you 10% off the purchase if you reach your 30 day target set with your trainer! At the end of the 30 days, you can bring the belt back and not pay a cent.

Are you now ready to take the leap into a more accountable, fun and socially motivated way to train? Contact a member of the team here at Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre and we will get an appointment organised with a trainer to go over how to set up the belt and for continued support using the belt throughout the month.

Call us now on 9213 1400, complete the form below or see a staff member the next time you are in at the gym.

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