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We are committed to help you and your family live a healthier and happier life through more informed food and health choices. To support this goal, we have developed an exciting nutrition program in partnership with Australia’s leading network of nutrition experts, n4 food and health.

Whether you are looking to achieve sustainable weight loss, better educate yourself and your family around the benefits of good nutrition, or smash your fitness goals, there is something for everyone in our nutrition program which is FREE as part of your membership.

Through the nutrition program you will be able to enjoy access to:

  • YMCA Healthy Living Magazine
  • Nutrition Seminars.

YMCA Healthy Living Magazine

Our YMCA Healthy Living Magazine is a quarterly print publication packed full of healthy, seasonal recipes, easy snacks, nutrition tips, and food the whole family will love. We also give you ideas on how to get active and stay active all year round. Available in our centres, it's free for all YMCA members.

Spring 2022 edition

Welcome to the summer 2022-2023 edition of YMCA Healthy Living Magazine! With the end of the year approaching, we're all feeling the effects of burnout. This edition, we dive into how to identify burnout and how to practice self-care during the festive season. Christmas can sometimes lead to overindulging, so we've also got a great article on staying fit this summer - whether it's swimming laps or joining a group fitness class at your local YMCA. Dietician Rachel Scoular also shares great advice on how to improve your gut health. Find out what foods are in season and follow our delicious recipes!

So go on, enjoy summer at your local YMCA!

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You can also find the copy for the landing pages on the other rec sites here: https://victoria.ymca.org.au/programs-and-services/recreation/nutrition

Stay inspired to live a healthy life by subscribing to our magazine for FREE! Simply email nutrition.vic@ymca.org.au with the words 'SUBSCRIBE ME' in the subject line.

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