Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre and My Story- Mario Thaddeus.

  • Date: 02 November 2017
  • Category: Centre News

Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre and My Story

It was in August 2015 when i decided that it was finally time to do something about my weight and the way that i had been feeling. I was always tired, i had no energy and something had to change.

So i set out in search of a gym that was right for me. I had been a member of a few different gym's in the past that were primarily focused around lifting weights, getting big and that weren't all that well supervised. And if you needed any help or questions, well lets just say that after your join up consultation you were pretty much on your own. 

I knew that this time around that it had to be different and i had to forget about what i wanted from a gym in the past. I had to a find a place that could really give me the guidance that i needed. After going to several gym's and YMCA's around my area, there was something about the vibe of Endeavour Hills leisure centre that drew me in.

It fitted almost everything i had been looking for in a gym with the exception of no swimming pool. But i had to weigh it all up (no pun intended). It was big and open with lots of natural light, there was a lot cardio and weight machines. With a heap of different group fitness classes. And the staff were friendly enough... Little did i know.I think the pool had to be the trade off and hey i was still going 10 free passes to the neighbouring YMCA's (which is a win now with reciprocal rights). So it was decided.

After a few weeks of joining up i knew that i had made the right decision, i wasn't just another member. All the staff were so friendly and the trainers really took the time to talk to me and give me some crucial advice. They were all so knowledgeable and genuinely invested in my well being, and what i was trying to achieve. And little did i know of the friendships and bonds that i would later make to this day.

Over the years the Centre has really made an effort to try new things whether it be information seminars for pain management to new fitness challenges. And i have to say that i've been to quite a few of the seminars and found them to be very beneficial.

They have always been open to suggestions and regularly ask members for feedback. And always seem to keep coming up with new and fresh ideas that always make it a pleasure to walk through the doors. Which in my case has been really important to me in particular. As i've been on a real mission with my goals and go almost everyday. And i know that this would not have been the case if not for efforts of the staff still keeping that fresh and friendly atmosphere.

When i first started, my story was one like many, an overweight person trying to achieve a goal or at the least some minor results. At my local gym. Well little did i know what i could and would achieve in 'the right environment'. I weighed in at a very serious 125kg and my journey has been a joint collaboration to where i am today, at a very happy 82kg. And a lot of thanks goes to the fine staff of YMCA Endeavour Hills - keep up the great work!

To me YMCA Endeavour Hills isn't just a gym anymore but an integral pillar in the local community and i was unaware of this before joining. But i can now say that i am really proud to be part of it and all that they set out to achieve - Excellence!

Mario Thaddeus.